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Burner, Boiler & Blower Fan Supplier Malaysia

TEM offers a range of high-quality combustion products that can ensure every process and system operate safely and efficiently. There are several combustion products that we provide in TEM including burner, boiler and blower fan which are perfect for industrial use. Check out more about our combustion products below.


As a burner supplier, our range of burners are designed to withstand a broad range of output power (kW) from small to high output power(kW) that comes with an easy installation feature. TEM is also a boiler supplier that offers various types of boilers such as Thermal Oil Boiler, Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler and Super Heated Water Boiler. Specially designed for different applications, these boilers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. In TEM, we also offer a blower fan in Malaysia that has the best standard in terms of quality, reliability and high-performance standards that can satisfy for high temperature application.


It is really important to invest in the right supplier that can bring many advantages for your business. Get your combustion products from TEM as we offer only reliable and high efficiency products that will fulfil your industrial needs. If you are looking for the best combustion products in Malaysia, get in touch with our experts in TEM today for more information!

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