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Industry: Building & Plumbing

Low water pressure leads to various problem that may affect hygiene & health issues. Disrupt production process and cooling system.

We supply the suitable pump system to boost your water pressure. Customized your needs by using variable speed drive (inverter) to deliver constant pressure and save energy.

Products or Services Provided:

Potenza PSW multistage pump c/w pressure tank, Delta Inverter, Danfoss pressure transmitter and Electrical panel.

A case study presented by Malacca Branch - General Supplies Division.

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Industry: Semi-Conductor

Delta and Hiwin EtherCAT products are facing connection issue due to the assembly CAT5 LAN cable causing instability connection between main controller and servo motor.


Work closely with customer, Delta, and Hiwin to identify the root caused and to upgrade new firmware in individual component to solve the connection issue.

In addition, Beckhoff, Delta and a 3rd party expertise provided advice to solve the cable issue.

Eventually we found out the main root cause of instability for CAT5 LAN cable, it was due to the EtherCAT wiring incompatibility with normal LAN cable wiring. EtherCAT communication is used by 4 wires. However normal LAN cable used by 8 wires in single connector and it's needs to cross pair and earth.

Products or Services Provided:

Delta B3-E servo motor, AX8 Codesys controller, R1-EC IO card.

A case study presented by Penang Branch - Automation Division.

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Industry: Glove 

Most of the boiler / combustion system has already operate in about 80-90% of efficiency. Therefore, more enhanced products and creative ways needed in order to get positive outcomes (higher efficiency) and reduce the fuel/ gas consumption.

By working with boiler contractors and customer, we manage to increase the combustion efficiency to more than 95% and reduce the gas consumption. By introducing our new burner system with pre-heated combustion air to replace older burner that using cold air. The system recycle hot exhaust flue gas and preheat the air before going to the burner as combustion air.

Products or Services Provided:

ELCO D-TRON Duoblock Burners.

A case study presented by T.E.M. Combustion.
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Industry: Plastic

To retrofit an existing and old plastic injection machine with a UR5e for automatic workpiece extraction from moulds and degating WITHOUT modifying the program of the injection machine and ensuring that the injection machine is able to run as it is without the UR5e or to run with the UR5e when required.


A fully integrated, collaborative and flexible system between the injection machine and a UR5e that is able to run non-stop without any issues right from the start.


The injection machine can be run independently by itself when the UR is switched OFF, or with the UR for automatic workpiece extraction and degating when the UR is switched ON. The UR5e can be easily removed from is pedestal by unscrewing 4x M8 screws or the whole workstation can be relocated and paired to another injection machine with a pallet truck by unscrewing 4x M12 screws from their respective base plates. There are 2 locating pins and 4x base plates grouted to the floor to ensure that the workstation can be easily positioned and locked to the same location without hassle or adjustment. The collaborative nature of the UR5e enables the workstation to be mobile with a compact footprint. No safety cages are required.


The addition of a safety light curtain to the access door of the injection machines ensures the safety level of the injection machine, UR5e and operators is maintained at the highest.


A very satisfied and happy customer! A fruitful collaboration between Novetec Innovation and TEM Group.

Products or Services Provided:
Universal Robots, UR5 e-series.
A case study presented by Automation-Robot Division.
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Industry: Water Pump Contractor


Machine breakdown due to ease of mis-alignement using pin/bush coupling

(User maintenance mentality).


After we propose the Rathi Tyre coupling to our OEM or contractor, our client very satisfy with performance because pumpset is running longer operation duration with minimum down time.


That is due to characteristic of Tyre coupling allow higher parallel and axial angle mis-alignment tolerance, absorb higher vibration induced by the machine (capture pin bush market share).

Products or Services Provided:
Rathi Tyre Coupling.
A case study presented by Transmission-Pulley & Coupling Division.
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Industry: Water Supply


Well-trained and experienced engineer(s) are required to identify the condition of MVD system.


Prompt response within 24 hours upon received feedback from customer.


Regular servicing has to be conducted at least once a year to optimize the performance and avoid malfunction of MVD system.


Response to site or remote support on troubleshooting to minimize the downtime of MVD system.

Products or Services Provided:
DELTA Medium Voltage Drive, Maintenance and Servicing on DELTA MVD, After Sales Support on DELTA MVD.
A case study presented by T.E.M. Technology.

Industry: HVAC-Cooling Tower


Environmental threats:

1) High ambiance level.

2) Dusty,

3) High Humidity.

Regular servicing has to be conducted at least once a year to optimize the performance and avoid malfunction of MVD system. When a motor runs continuously, the heat generated by it in its normal operation will keep its windings dry and certain level of dust prevention. However, rotating operation period of the motor may cause wide fluctuations in motor temperature, possibly creating condensation.


To overcome the climate challenge, we offer motor with:

1) Siemens Duragnit IR 2000 Insulation technology with high tolerance to ambience 55°C.

2) Sea-air resistant marine painting with > 300µm thickness.

3) Anti-condensation heater to prevent condensation.

4) 6 wire PT100 for motor winding resistant thermometer for precise watch on winding temperature.

5) Screw-in resistance rolling contact bearing thermometer as the first motor protection gateway.

Products or Services Provided:

SIMOTICS SD Performance line

SUPER Premium Efficiency 1LE1604 Series Motor.

A case study presented by Transmission-Motor Division.

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Industry:  Electronics


The machines to produce or inspect parts from electronics industry often has limited lead time. The machine maker cannot afford to have time-consuming integration for parts from different brands and different specifications.


With expertise in motion control, we provide full sets of parts to reduce the expected problems of integration.

By using Ethercat technology, the integrations of master motion controller, servo motor systems, remote inputs and outputs, stepper motors are done flawlessly.

All the integration jobs are done within a few weeks after stock arrival. The lead time of machine delivery is shortened due to easiness of integration.

Products or Services Provided:

IPC AX8, Servo A2/B3, HMI DOP-100, Leadshine Stepper Motor.

A case study presented by Automation Division.

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Industry: Packaging & Labelling 


The accuracy of packaging or labeling machine must up to micrometer, and it is often involved more than 1 axes in a single machine. Therefore, synchronization of speed and position from more than 1 axes is crucial to ensure the output reliability and consistency.


Working closely with our customers who are the packaging and labeling machine makers, we solve the synchronization

challenge with Electronics Cam features. The traditional pulse control method was replaced with this advanced Electronic Cam features to reduce the hassle of synchronization programming. The speed and position synchronization are done easier, and time to program a packaging or labeling machine is shorten.

Products or Services Provided:

Servo Motor, PLC, HMI, Inverter and Encoder.

A case study presented by Automation Division.