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TYRE FLEX Couplings


Product Name : T / TO

Capacity : 154 kw / 100 rpm
Max bore : 190 mm

T / TO
The flexible capabilities of the Tyreflex Coupling help to accommodate angular, parallel and axial misalignments.

Parallel Misalignment upto 6 mm.
Angular Misalignment upto 4°
End Float upto 8 mm
Suitable in ambient temp. upto 70° C.


Product Name : RST

Capacity : 154 kw / 100 rpm
Max bore : 190 mm

Tyre-flex Spacer Couplings RST are specifically designed for motor-pump installations, where it is desirable not to disturb drive / driven equipment while servicing impellers, packing glands, etc.

The maintenance time-reduction feature is valuable on pumps, compressors and many other applications.

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