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Worm Gear Reducer - VSF Series

Worm Gear Reducers, Combined and with Pre-Stage Reduction Unit

NMRVpower - NMRV - NRVpower - NRV - HA31/NMRV - HW/NMRVpower

NMRV and NMRV POWER worm gear reducers currently represent the most advanced solution to market requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The new NMRV Power series, also available as compact integral helical/worm option, has been designed with a view to modularity: low number of basic models can be applied to a wide range of power ratings guaranteeing top performance and reduction ratios from 5 to 1000.

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NMRVpower - NMRV

Worm Gear Reducers and Combined Unit


The SW reducer, which complements the Motovario NMRV gear reducer, has a shaft height between 30 and 110 mm (Baugrößen 030 bis 105) and a compact round smooth body casing design that reduces the space as much as possible.

For better reliability and compatibility/effectiveness of supply, the gearing, the bearings, the motor flange and the accessories are those of the NMRV series.

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Worm Gearboxes for Aggressive Environments and High Hygiene Requirements 


CLEAN DUTY is a solution developed by Motovario for the food industry and for all fields of application that require very high standards of hygiene. Clean Duty is made of AISI stainless steel and has been properly treated to prevent water and dirt from stagnating and depositing.

Clean Duty is a gearmotor ideally suited to the primary processing stage, for example on the packaging lines for fruit and other fresh foods.  Its compact size and high-quality surface treatments ensure high resistance, especially in corrosive environments.


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