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Gear Reducer Malaysia

TEM offers an extensive range of gear reducer in Malaysia from well-known brands like Motovario, Transmax, Gongji, Tung lee & Flender that are available for your selection. TEM is definitely the best place for you if you are looking for gear reducers, as we provide various types of gear reducers. From helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, parallel shaft mounted Gear reducer, Helical Bevel & Planetary Gear to several others, we offer different types of gear reducers that serve different purposes and functions. Browse through our range of gear reducers below.


Gear reducers play an important role in connecting a motor to a driven load, which makes it the right choice when it comes to transmission solutions for you. Also known as gearbox, we supply the best high-quality gear reducers that come with several options. Uniquely designed with the advanced technology solution, gear reducers from TEM require minimal amount of maintenance. Gear reducers from TEM able to deliver reliability for your heavy-duty applications.


It is important to choose only the appropriate gear reducers to ensure the maximized efficiency. With the excellent quality, our gear reducers will definitely guarantee the exceptional world’s class performance that meets your industrial requirements and needs! Get in touch with us at TEM if you have any further enquiries about gear reducers.

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The VAR series motovariator is a valid alternative to electronic drives  and is easy to use and maintain.

Motovario helical gear reducer in Malaysia

Gear Reducer

The H product series guarantees complete versatility and is suitable for applications that require high radial loads. 

Worm gear reducer in Malaysia

Gear Reducer

MOTOVARIO worm gear reducers currently represent the most advanced solution to market requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

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Mid Heavy
Duty Gearboxes

This Mid Heavy Duty Gearboxes consists of parallel helical and bevel-helical gear reducers  up  to  4  reduction  stages.

Motovario Gear Reducer in Malaysia

Shaft Mounted
Gear Reducer

Specifically designed for applications involving conveyors or augers, these units are also suitable for a wide variety of industrial fields.

Motovario helical bevel gear reducer in Malaysia

Helical Bevel
Gear Reducer

The technological content of B-Series gear reducers allows for an extraordinary performance/lifespan ratio.

Gongji TKA.jpg


Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducer. Size 50 till 200, Rated Torque 41 ~ 4,410 Nm, Ratio 10 ~100

Gongji TKB Worm Gear.png


Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducer. Size 50 till 500, Rated Torque 41 ~51,680 Nm, Ratio 10 ~100

Gongji TKVA.jpg


Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducer. Size 50 till 500, Rated Torque 41 ~ 51,680 Nm, Ratio 10 ~100

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AC Mini Induction Gearmotor

  • High-Intensity with High-Strength Gearhead.

  • High-Performance Motor with High Energy Efficiency.

  • Motor designed CE Marking Compliance.

  • Built-In Oil Seal.

  • MSO2 Grease Lubricant for low noise performance.

  • 6W ~200W, Ratio 3 ~1800

Peei Clutch & Brake 1) 0.37 _ 4.0kW 2) M

Clutch & Brake

Peei industrial electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic brakes and clutch brakes are used in many types of high speed, high cycle rate and long life machines including printers, packaging machines, food processing equipment, industrial mixers, and cash counting machines.

G3 Foot Helical Gearmotor 1) Power 0.1 _

G3 Foot Helical Gear Motor

  • Power 0.1 _ 2.2kW

  • Ratio 5 _ 200

  • Torque Max 1,230 Nm


G3 Flange Helical Gear Motor

  • Power 0.1 _ 2.2kW

  • Ratio 5 _ 200

  • Torque Max 1,230 Nm

Transmax TR Series Helical Gear 0.18 _11

Transmax TR Series Helical Gear 

  • 0.18 _110kW 

  • Rated torque 18,000 Nm

  • Ratio 1.30 _27,000

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