General overview

Siemens electric motors: Quality and innovation from the very beginning


SIMOTICS electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest efficiency. We cover the complete range of industrial motors – synchronous as well as asynchronous: from standard electric motors through servomotors for motion control applications up to high voltage and DC motors. This is all based on more than 150 years of experience. In the meantime, Siemens electric motors are an integral component of Digital Enterprises.

Product Application

The IMB1 Series are used in the following sectors to prevent explosion hazards that result in serious injury to persons and severe damage to equipment.

Chemical and
petrochemical industry
Production of mineral oil & gas
Gas Supply Companies
Petrol Stations
Gas Work
Product range
Siemens GP Aluminium Motor.png


Siemens GP Aluminium Motor.png


Siemens GP Aluminium Motor.png