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General overview


The name for the widest range of motors in the world With 150 years of experience, we have driven  motor technology forward, optimized them and played a decisive role in defining them.  

Based on over 150 years of experience Siemens  offers with SIMOTICS the most comprehensive range of motors for industrial applications proven with more than 40 million Siemens motors and drives installed around the world.

Our low-voltage motors meet the latest efficiency stan-dards and stand for highest quality, reliability and com-pactness. Our motors are optimally integrated into the drive train. They are perfectly harmonized for the use with SIRIUS motor starters and SINAMICS frequency converters. Our foundation of outstanding quality is the unparalleled experience from numerous Siemens production facilities around the world and close to our customers. This is how our experience drives your success! Siemens is present in more than 190 countries around the world and a true local global player. We manufacture l ocally serving the individual markets. All of our products are based on one common global quality and design stan-dard derived from our German engineering roots adapted to global market requirements.
We are present in your local market, understand your 
market’s needs and also comply with local requirements and standards. Let us show you how our experience and our partnership will drive your success with a new motors series specifically defined for the distribution business.


SIMOTICS low-voltage motors


Cut-away aluminum motor


SIMOTICS 1LE0 Cast Iron motor

Product Highlights
  • Wide range of options - Can be selected according to specific customer requirements.The 1LEO option Line motor is a standard motor without any built-in options.

  • Fulfill voltage and construction requirements-The distribution Line and option line offer additional selection of rated voltages and mounting types.

  • Easy retrofit and upgrade to higher efficiency class- Due to harmonized design dimension throughout the whole 1LE0 motor family.

  • Common user and spare parts- Are applicable within the 1LEO motor line (Distribution Line and Option Line)

  • Increase plant and system availability- Option of winding protection, insulated bearing and separately driven fan enhance ( Option Line) the availability and thus reliability of the system

  • Rotatable terminal box

  • Global Support- Worldwide warranty and service.

Product Range


Siemens Cast Iron Motor.png


Siemens Motor.png


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