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Electric Motor Malaysia

At TEM, we offer a wide range of machinery part products which are suitable for industrial applications including electric motor. Electric motor is one of the crucial machinery parts as it acts as a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy that is a perfect fit for heavy duty industrial applications. Discover our products below for more information. 

Choosing the right electric motor will definitely bring you many advantages especially in terms of quality and machinery performances. As electric motor is always exposed to heavy-duty applications, it is crucial to search for a high durable electric motor that is able to withstand harsh and strong conditions during the operation. Besides, it is also really important to put in the consideration when it comes to power supply, capacity and speed reduction ratio that electric motor can offer. High quality electric motor will be a great contribution in maintaining the high efficiency as well as productivity of every operation.

With the high flexibility and minimal installation cost, get your high-quality electric motor only from a reliable supplier like us. Looking for a brand-new or replacement electric motor in Malaysia? Simply contact our team at TEM today for more information and details about electric motors that you are looking for.

Branco single phase motor, Branco three phase motor


Durable cast iron housing for industrial application
Siemens three phase motor, Siemen simotics series, Siemen iron series
Branco BR electric motor in Malaysia
Siemens 1LEO electric motor in Malaysia


TEC single phase motor
Simotics Series motors with aluminum are suitable for a wide range of standard drive applications in the industrial environment.

JY Series

Single-phase capitator start motors are made to IEC standards.


Three phase induction motor for braking duties
Branco BRZ electric motor in Malaysia


Lightweight Aluminum housing for general purpose
Branco BA electric motor in Malaysia


Three phase motor force ventilation fan
Branco FV electric motor in Malaysia


Simotics  GP/SD Series motors in gray cast iron are rugged especially made for aggressive atmospheres.
Siemens 1LE1 electric motor in Malaysia
TEC YA Series.jpg


Siemens 1MB1 electric motor in Malaysia
Simotics  XP Series  motors in gray cast iron are explosion-protected, also available with “increase safety” “e”, flameproof enclosure “d” (Ex de IIC).
Siemens 1TLO electric motor in Malaysia


Cast Iron Series  is a newly designed high-efficiency low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, the shell is cast iron, suitable for continuous working (S1) operation.

YC Series

YC-A Series Single-Phase Capacitor Start Asynchronous Motors
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