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Delta's six-axis articulated robot features excellent flexibility, a hollow design of the robot wrist, multiple installations and a user-friendly interface. In addition, it can be widely used in industries such as 3C, electronics and electrical engineering, metal processing, rubber and plastics, as well as applications including inspection, assembling, glue dispensing, palletizing, material feeding, packaging, soldering, and load and unload. Delta is your best partner for achieving smart manufacturing.

This new articulated robot not only easily integrates with key components, but also quickly combines with Delta peripheral devices to establish a simple system for robot control. In addition, Delta provides highly integrated robot workstations that improve customers' production efficiency, reduce labor cost, and are easy-to-operate.

Product Introduction
Features & Benefits
  • High precision & speed

  • Hollow design of the robot wrist for wiring and tool placement

  • Slim and compact body design

  •       - Overall width: Max. 235 mm

  •       - Footprint: 190*190 mm

  • Matches with Delta key devices for quick maintenance and integration

  • Soldering

  • Insertion

  • Assembly

  • Glue Dispensing

  • Palletizing

  • Inspection

  • Material Feeding

System Structure :
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